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On-site assessments of campuses and buildings for preparation of new technology integration.

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21st Century Teaching Requires 21st Century Tools

Today, most educators are faced with overwhelming odds. They are put under pressure by the state and districts to adapt and develop student learning to ever changing standards passed down to them, and again pressured by students and parents to present materials that are not only pertinent to their future success as learners, but also materials that are engaging and stimulating.

This is where technology steps in. Utilizing the tools and resources available educators can now take student learning to a whole new level while reaching to students on an individual learning basis, customizing their experience to fit their needs. The question is, how can I find these resources?

Here are a few things you as educators can do to help you find resources for your classroom:

  • Join social media!
    • There are people worldwide sharing their ideas and efforts within the classroom. It may not always pertain to your class, but you may find ways over time to implement certain ideas and concepts in your teachings.
    • Twitter┬áis usually one of the top bets for finding these types of posts about technology in the classrooms. Setup an account and start following!
      • “#” or hashtags are ways people categorize their posts, such as #educationtechnology would stream out to anyone viewing that particular topic.
      • “@” which indicates twitter users. Use these to follow certain people that post information relevant to your needs! Follow me using “@TheCoachS“.
      • Connect to many hashtag feeds or users using TweetDeck!
  • Professional Development!
    • I cannot stress enough how critical PD is for educators. You don’t always have to go in set to absorb all of the information presented, simply pick and choose what may help you along the way.
  • Email listings!
    • There are numerous sites that email out tips and tricks for devices and technology. If you are a Google user, check out The Gooru!

Follow this link to find more twitter handles to follow: 33 Education Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Changing Student Lives Through Technology

Technology is an ever changing facet of the end users in society today. As we move forward, so must our visions within the classrooms for student learning. However, there is no “one size fits all” model for all schools and districts to follow. The vast socioeconomic challenges that face schools during the 21st Century will impact what route they choose for technology integration in the classrooms. Even so, schools and campuses must help prepare their students effectively and efficiently for what they will encounter when they graduate from high school. This is an ongoing process that requires proper evaluation, planning, and implementation to succeed.

Working With EdTech Innovations

My main goal is to help you, the client, with your needs for technology at the best possible price.

I do not charge for initial conversations (before contracting), additional activities such as short calls, email correspondence, etc.). I am here to help save you money, not make you spend money on day to day activities.

I am always on the lookout for new ways to assist you with your technology needs. If you have something you would like to see, please don't hesitate to let me know under the "Contact" section!

Why Choose EdTech?

Integration of new technology is often met with hesitation. There are fears that come with spending money and having the technology either fail or not be sufficiently used to justify the price. The purchasing of equipment is easy, the utilizing of equipment can be a difficult challenge. This is where I step in to help not only with choosing the right resources for you, but to assist in workshops and bringing staff on board with the technology that is presented to them. This is the key turning point in any implementation, having staff members willing and comfortable in utilizing the tools that are available to them. Through on-site workshops, planned professional development and conferences, the focus of any implementation will be "How do we bring everyone on board with our direction?"